My Toolbox

Hello, I have decided that you should see my toolbox and what is in it!


This is just a plastic box with 2 trays inside. I sometimes put a big rubber band around it just in case. you can see it is sitting on a cutting mat. I have a couple sizes of cutting mats depending on my project and where I am going, but it is a must.

Next lets look at some of my tools.


I have scissors with sharp points, I use these just on paper. I have a mechanical pencil with thin lead, a good eraser and a metal ruler. If you are using a ruler for cutting, you need metal so you don’t cut into the ruler and destroy the edge. I have different sizes and plastic quilting rulers as well as metal.


Speaking of cutting, you can see my exacto knife and I always have a supply of new blades nearby. A couple clamps always come in handy and some linen thread is a must. The thread comes in different sizes, colors and either waxed or not waxed. I usually get thread without wax and use bees wax to wax my own.

bone folders

These are bone folders and are used mainly to help get a nice fold on your paper. The top and bottom bone folders are made out of bone and the two in the middle are made out of teflon. I use all of these but mainly the second one down from the top. I like the way it feels.


Here I have some different gluing supplies. In the white container is a white glue called PVA. It is brushed onto your project using either an official glue brush (the one on the right) or an old flat brush. There are glue sticks that are useful too and easy to use. I have also included the roll of red double sided sticky tape which I often use when attaching photos…see this article.


An awl is used to poke holes for sewing. I have one on the left that holds a sewing needle (the needle is on the top, hard to see) and pokes small holes and then a larger black one. Sometimes I just use a t-pin. You can see some of my needles in the piece of felt. They live in a metal mint tin in my tool box. Finally there is a handy tool called a Japanese screw punch which isn’t a tool you will need for beginning work, but is cool. In the tin you can see the different sizes used in the screw punch.

Back to my toolbox. You can see two trays and the bottom of the box. This is an unedited view of my unorganized box where I know where everything is!!! Can you figure out what everything is ????

toolbox open toolbox open toolbox open

There are many tools that are used in book arts and paper arts, eventually you will need to build an extra room onto your house for all your tools and supplies. Have fun collecting but be sure you also find the time to be creative and use them!