Small Accordion Fold Book

Welcome to my first blog, I’m excited about giving this a try and I hope you enjoy it. Every year I make a small accordion book with pictures of my granddaughter, Brookelyn, where I pick my favorite photos. Here are the books from her first 3 years.


These are the covers.


To start this year’s book I decided that purple would be the color of the year, since it is her favorite color, at least now. I cut two 3 in. squares out of matboard and two 4 in. squares out of deli paper that I have hand painted and stamped.


Next I used PVA glue to attach the deli paper to the mat board.


I cut the corners so I could make nice finished corners on the covers.

cut-corners cut-corners2 cut-corners3

The inside of the book was made by folding a 22 in. by 2 7/8 in. strip of Mi-Teintes paper. Fold the strip in half and then each half in half and each half in half until you have 8 pages.


Now for the fun part, deciding on which photographs to use. I used microsoft word, where I imported the photos and cropped them so they are 2 1/2 in. squares.


After printing the photos I cut them out.


I trimmed off any fuzzies I got, since I didn’t use a new sharp blade in my cutter. I better get one!


Finally I have my photos and am ready to try out their placement on the accordion. I decided all the family pictures would be on the back and all the Brookelyn pictures on the front.


I used double sided tape to attach the photos to the accordion.


The last step is to attach the covers also using double sided tape.


Yeah, done and it looks great! I only have two more to make, one for my daughter-in-law, Krista and one for Auntie Hilary. Since Brookelyn now has a baby brother, I will make 3 baby books too, but not today.

done1 done2

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